Giving At Christ Church Cathedral

What you do with your money says a lot about who you are. All spiritual traditions say that your level of attachment to material things is a measure of your spiritual well-being. Our own spiritual tradition teaches us that our lives and everything we have, including our money, is entrusted to us by God for God’s purposes of love and reconciliation. Therefore your decision to give is a profound choice.

Your financial gifts enable the mission and ministries of the Cathedral to bring hope in the midst of brokenness.

The Cathedral is a place to seek the Divine, but it is also still connected to the world. At the Cathedral there is a warm welcome to the arts, to science, to politicians, to interfaith dialogue and to social activism. The Cathedral is a place where worship traditions endure and are valued. And the Cathedral continues to be on the leading edge of progressive Christian ministry within the worldwide Anglican Communion and beyond. Your financial support keeps our doors, hearts and minds open to God’s continuing self-revelation in the world all around us.

Giving Methods

There are many methods of donating to the Cathedral:

Automatic Monthly Debit or Credit Card
The most convenient and cost effective method for you and the Cathedral. Your monthly withdrawals will continue until you notify the Cathedral of changes.

Give Online
Giving online is a safe and easy way to give. Give Today

Numbered Offertory Envelopes
You can receive numbered envelopes, which you place in the offertory plate or in the mail.

Give on Sunday
You can give on Sunday using the envelope found in the Sunday bulletin. Simply complete the information on the envelope and drop it in the offertory plate as it is passed.

Make a Legacy Gift
Include “Christ Church Parish Vancouver B.C.” as a beneficiary of your will, life insurance, RRSP or other legacy giving vehicle. Contact us if you would like guidance!
For More Details about Legacy giving at Christ Church Cathedral: Legacy Stewardship