The small community of Pikangikum in Northern Ontario, for whom we were raising money to provide a house with drinkable water, is not served by the Ontario electric grid.  It relies on diesel generators for its power.

The provision of water is dependent on electric pumps and heaters. Recently the generators failed; the water supply and all other services in the settlement were disastrously affected.

Archbishop Hiltz informed then Minister of Indian Affairs, Valcourt, that the water project supported by Anglicans and Lutherans is on hold until the Federal and Ontario governments connect Pikangikum to the provincial power grid.

Christ Church Cathedral Parish Council has therefore put on hold raising money for the water project.  However, it is of the utmost importance that we advocate on behalf of Pikangikum and all First Nations who are in need potable water.

As a next step, we are providing parishioners with the opportunity to petition the new Minister of Indigenous and Northern Affairs demanding that all First Nations reserves have drinkable water.

You can click on “Read Petition” to view the template text, and may choose to modify it to add your own thoughts and feelings to be communicated directly with Minister Bennett.

Clean Water

Dear Minister Bennett,


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