Prayer Link

This is a ‘behind the scenes’ ministry that has been operating at the Cathedral for close to 40 years. Each week a list of prayer requests is circulated to a group of about 20 parishioners who then offer daily prayers for each person on the list for 2 weeks or longer as requested. There is also a long term list for those with chronic illness, or problems, and this is updated and circulated once a month. These lists are confidential and only first names are used except for purposes of clarification when a surname initial is added. We do ask that you help us keep these lists current by sending us any change in the status of the person for whom we are praying.

There are several ways of accessing this service. You may phone the office & leave a message on ext.54, use one of the prayer cards, available on the table in the Narthex, or email us at . In case of emergency contact any of the priests & they will see that your request is forwarded to the Prayer Link.

If you wish prayer for yourself or others please do not hesitate to contact us.