Kathy Irwin


I have truly been blessed to work within the not-for-profit sector my entire career less a two year adventure in the for-profit world of business. It was after that adventure that I returned to my roots and began this amazing connection with Christ Church Cathedral. I say “blessed” because I was the definitely the beneficiary of the “we need it, are you willing to learn it” world of small to medium size NPOs providing grassroots community services to people in need. My work here at the Cathedral has been a continuation of that theme. It is indeed a pleasure to serve this parish and any time you are in the office, you are welcome to pop your head in and say “hello”. Also welcome are stories about your cats and dogs (and birds) as my corner of the office is a pet-friendly zone.

What I do here…

The primary responsibility of my position is to provide timely and accurate financial information for this Parish and I do so with the support of a number of amazing volunteers. As Business Administrator, my work encompasses payroll, human resources, accounts payable, accounts receivable and financial statements preparation. I am also responsible for the annual receipting of the Parish Offering and Individual Gifts that we receive here at Christ Church Cathedral.

Contact me about…

  • Changes to you monthly credit card or direct debit offering
  • Questions about your giving
  • Questions about your annual gift receipt
  • If your Ministry group is about to embark on a project that will have budget implications