The Rev. Alisdair Smith


I am a life-long Anglican, (with about a 25 year gap in the middle). I was born in Montreal and have lived in various cities across Canada before moving to the colour movie that is Vancouver in 1986. I have since lived and worked downtown for over 20 years. I have a Diploma in Applied Arts from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, A BA in Communications from SFU and an MA in Theology and Ethics from the Vancouver School of Theology. I love stories and story-telling, (ask me about Pierce Brosnan) and have a passion for lemon merengue gelato from a little store in Gibsons!

What I do Here

I am the Deacon & Business Chaplain here, working with individuals and groups in business as they explore ethics and collaboration in the workplace. My work has taken me from Haida Gwai’i to St. John’s and from Ghana to the Solomon Islands. I also serve as National Facilitator for Credit Union Central of Canada. I facilitate dialogues with the SFU Centre for Dialogue and am on the core council of the Greater Vancouver Compassion Network. My work and research focusing on leadership development, governance, change and compassion in action.

Contact Me About

Ethics, collaboration in the workplace, workplace justice issues and if you just need an ear about work