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Reflection by the Rev. Ross Bliss

Verse 10 in today’s Psalm always strikes me as one of the most beautiful images in Holy Scripture. The very qualities and character of God’s kingdom are not only personified but are even depicted as meeting and embracing in the joyful bond of friendship. Steadfast love and faithfulness are paired, expressing their mutuality, as are righteousness and peace.

Reflection by Dean Peter Elliott

It was with more than passing interest that I read New York Times columnist David Brooks’ recent column The Golden Age of Bailing ( about the phenomenon of ‘bailing’. By ‘bailing’ he’s referring to cancelling, or ‘bailing out’ of a commitment at the last minute. He writes, “Bailing is one of the defining acts of the current moment because it stands at the nexus of so many larger trends: the ambiguity of modern social relationships, the fraying of commitments, …the ethic of flexibility ushered in by smartphone apps — not to mention the decline of civilization, the collapse of morality and the ruination of all we hold dear.”