The Rev. Ross Bliss

One of the first things you learn in Biblical studies is to not impose a Christian meaning on the content of the Old Testament. Strictly speaking, we must acknowledge that the authors of the Hebrew Scriptures were addressing issues in their context that at the time likely could not have born all the meanings that Christian writers later applied to them.

St. Brigids – Mary Anne Saunders

The First Sunday of Advent – December 3, 2017 Mary Anne Saunders Christ Church Cathedral, Vancouver Click here to download an audio mp3 of the sermon What We’re Waiting For A reflection for the first Sunday in Advent by Mary Ann Saunders. Those of you who know me may not be surprised to learn that […]

Dean Peter Elliott

No matter how hard I try to dislodge it from my mind, the notion that God is ‘up’ seems ingrained in my theological imagination.  And it is not helped by the Biblical world-view that insists on a vertical universe; verses from scripture today underline this.