Christ Church Cathedral Account-Ability Report
as at October 31, 2017

Accountability Report


YTD Offering Compared to Budget:

2017 Parishioner Giving Total (Jan-Oct)               $546,932
2017 Parishioner Giving Budget (Jan-Oct)            605,984
Difference                                                                     -59,052

YTD Offering Compared to Previous Year:

2017 Parishioner Giving Total (Jan-Oct)               $546,932
2016 Parish Giving Total (Jan-Oct)                         564,548
Difference                                                                     -17,616

Income Fast Facts:

  1. We are highlighting, in the numbers above, Parishioner offering which continues to track 10% below budget and has fallen behind budget by $59,052.
  2. Offering from Friends of the Cathedral, Visitors and non-receipted offering continues the trend established earlier this year and is tracking ahead of budget.
  3. Total Parish Giving for this period in 2017 is tracking 1% below budget.
  4. Total Income (including Building Use Donations, Weddings etc.) is tracking 1% below budget at ($7,413).


YTD Expenses Compared to Budget:

2017 Parish Expenses Total (Jan-Oct)                  $1,340,530
2017 Parish Expenses Budget (Jan-Jul)                1,376,854
Difference                                                                    -36,324

Expense Fast Fact:

  1. Parish expenses are tracking 3% below budget.

Surplus/(Deficit) of Parish income before capital grants:

Actual YTD (Jan-Oct)                                              $-494,617
Budget YTD (Jan-Oct)                                             -523,529
Difference                                                                   28,911


Did You Know? – A Cathedral Financial Fun Fact

Cathedral Building Manager, Keith Wagschal, keeps a watchful eye on the building’s utility consumption.  Did you know that in the last year, the Cathedral paid $59,084 for electricity and that it costs approximately $32/hour (between $1,000 to $1,200/ month) to have the lights on upstairs for services and events?

That is a Cathedral financial fun fact.