Christ Church Cathedral Account-Ability Report
as at March 31, 2016


Parish Giving Total YTD 2015 $205,254
Parish Giving Total YTD 2016 $215,730
Parish Giving Total Budget YTD 2015 $193,368

Revenue higher than budget $22,362

Income Fast Facts:

  1.  Parishioner offering is tracking 10% ahead of the 2015 budget.
  2.  Visitor and non-receipted offering are both 30% below budget. Many visitors still believe the Cathedral to be closed. We are working to open the building to the public 7 days a week starting June 2016.
  3.  Total revenue YTD is $18,581 above the seasonally adjusted budget as a result of the very early Easter 2016.


Total Expenses YTD 2015 $372,755
Total Expenses YTD 2016 $371,480
Total Budget YTD 2016 $386,256

Expenses lower than budget ($14,766)

Surplus (Deficiency) of Parishioner Offering before Capital Grants

Actual YTD 2016- $175,279
Budget YTD 2016-  $159,145

Surplus $16,134

 This is a fantastic result for the first quarter of 2016 and we hope this will continue for the next half of the year.  Check back in again in August for a second report for 2016.