Healing Touch Ministry

Healing Touch is a form of the ancient art of hands-on healing described in the Bible. We offer Healing Touch, working in pairs, moving our hands slightly above or on the body, according to the wishes of the one receiving.  Healing Touch is an energy-based, heart-centered approach to healing, working with the energy fields that surround each of us. While not a cure, it aims to promote the restoration of balance and a sense of well-being. Healing Touch can help manage stress and calm anxiety, support recovery from surgery and cancer care, ease pain in acute or chronic conditions, and deepen spiritual connection.

Member of our ministry are trained practitioners, and all have completed a minimum of fifteen hours of instruction in energy healing from qualified instructors of the Healing Pathway program and follow their established code of ethics.

We offer Healing Touch at the Cathedral after the 10:30 am service the third Sunday of the month. Sessions are to be booked ahead of time through the office, and typically last about 20 minutes. We offer to visit people in hospital or their homes. This ministry receives referrals from clergy and members of the congregation. Distance healing is also available. There is no cost.

The Healing Touch Ministry is an expression of love and compassion for all who are in need of healing.  We follow Christ’s example to love and serve each other.


Contact information:

Please contact either:
Kate Walker: katebw123@gmail.com
or call the parish office: 604-682-3848