Healing Prayer Ministry

Ministry Coordinator and Contact:

Cynthia Turley
E-mail: karmontara@shaw.ca

Spirit of the living God, present with us now, fill us in body, mind and spirit, and heal us of all that harms us.  In Jesus’ name.

The healing prayer ministry is centered on God’s healing through prayer. We seek to offer an open and inviting opportunity for personal prayer, reflection and renewal in the context of worship.  To that end, prayers are offered during Eucharist on Sundays at the 10:30 service and following the Thursday Eucharist.  Teams of two people pray with those who come forward, followed by an offer of anointing.  All who feel called may come forward for prayers of intercession (for others), for themselves, for the world.  They may also be simple prayers of thanksgiving.

Through our ministry it is our hope that we might be channels for the assurance of God’s love and presence; that we might encourage within the church a growing awareness of the healing offered by God; and that we would encourage prayer for peace and healing.

As a ministry we also seek to support and encourage one another in our spiritual development and prayer life:  we gather twice yearly, in spring and fall, for a day of quiet and retreat. In addition we gather several times yearly for business meetings.

Ministry members:

Neale Adams, Jenny Birtwell, Kerry Baisley, Penny Charlesworth, Daphne Francis, Pamela Dalziel, Liz Hamel, Jennifer Hiebert, Sondra Marshall, Susan McCutcheon, Ann Kowalchuk, Bett Lauridsen Judy Mostardi, Colin Miles, Jean Mickelson, Donelda Parker, Dean Powers, Wendy Roberts, Sherry Taylor, Cynthia Turley, Dorothy Watts, Robin Wesley, Kate Walker, Donna Wong-Juliani.