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Reflection by Dean Peter Elliott

Stop, Look and Listen: An Invitation to Holy Week
Stop. Every now and then it’s good to step away from your usual routine and to do something different. Holy Week is such a time. It’s a time to move out of your comfort zone and encounter a world of sacrament and symbol that draws you closer to the God we know in Jesus Christ.

Reflection by The Rev. Marnie Peterson

For the past three years, so for as long as we have been participating in the St. Brigids congregation, we have begun our Lenten service with the Penitential Rite. It surprised me the first time it was suggested. In a world that can be so full of negative information and for a people who can be so very hard on themselves; why would we want to begin our evening service confessing the places where we have fallen short?
But we do.

Reflection by Andrew Stephens-Rennie

It seems that no matter where I turn these days, somebody is trying to remind me of how different we all are. There is something about this particular cultural moment in which so many of us seem to be capitalizing on increasing our distance from one another. I am often reminded – by politicians and advertising as much as casual conversation – how far I am from you, and how far you are from me.
But when I step back to look at it, it’s a notion that is completely and utterly bankrupt.

Reflection by The Venerable Philippa Segrave-Pride

As I sit to write these notes, I am between rehearsals for my daughter’s Irish dance classes, preparing for many shows to mark everyone’s favourite saint, St Patrick.
There can be few saints whose feasts have become so hyped up as that of St Patrick. It is difficult to think of any national patron saint whose day is celebrated so widely or on such a grand scale. Wherever the Irish have gone, they have brought St Patrick’s Day with them. Having married an expat Irish man, I quickly learnt a few things!

Holy Week & Easter 2017

Bacon for Holy Week The Cathedral welcomes a special guest: The Reverend Ed Bacon – a priest of the Episcopal Church (US Anglican) and a voice on issues of faith and justice for all. Until his retirement in May 2016 Bacon was rector of All Saints Church in Pasadena, California – a 4,000 member parish, […]