Sermon by The Rev. Alisdair Smith

A couple of years ago I was teaching a governance course in Moose Jaw. It was December and one of the participants had a fun “Naughty or Nice” App on his iPhone. The idea of the app was that you could wave it over a child’s head, kind of like a Star Trek “tricorder” and it would make beeping and swooshing sounds depending on whether it had been pre-calibrated for naughty or nice!


The Rev. Dr. Ellen Clark-King

Picture if you will for a moment, and I’m really sorry to do this to you on a Sunday morning, but picture if you will for a moment Donald Trump telling the gospel story we just heard. Well, it doesn’t have to be Trump, any other misogynistic loudmouth will do – his is just the first name that springs to mind at the moment. What would we be hearing?


Dean Peter Elliott

October 9, 2016 – Harvest Thanksgiving Dean Peter Elliott Christ Church Cathedral, Vancouver BC At All Times and in All Places Click here to download the audio mp3 of the sermon In Thomas Cranmer’s 1559 Book of Common Prayer[1] ancient texts from Latin were translated into English—one of my favourite is in the Order for […]


The Rev. Dixie Black

I’ve always loved to read. And when I was young, whenever I read a story where the character I liked had to sacrifice everything, even their very lives for the sake of principle or a higher moral value, I would get very angry. I remember thinking ‘what a stupid thing to do’, that there must be another way other than losing everything that matters. I didn’t understand what that anger was at the time. Looking back now I think it was covering fear; fear that I couldn’t meet that standard of behaviour.