The Rev. Marnie Peterson

In Genesis, the first book of the bible, God is presented as speaking creation into existence. God speaks the word and it happens: heaven and earth, ocean and stream, trees and grass, birds and fish, animals and humans. Everything seen and unseen, called into being by God’s spoken word.

Dean Peter Elliott

In considering the story of the woman at the well from the Gospel according to St. John (John 4: 5-41) it’s important to note what kind of literature this is. This is not a CNN report from on the scene: there were no reporters following Jesus on his journeys with note pads writing verbatim accounts.

The Venerable Philippa Segrave-Pride

Many of you know that we are currently looking for a new Vicar. We are a couple of weeks away from the applications closing and then we have the task of shortlisting and interviewing.
The real fun begins when we appoint. You get rid of the stand in, and the new vicar begins a new chapter in their ministry and yours.

Sermon by The Rev. Alisdair Smith

Opening 30” of Sympathy for the Devil – I wonder, how many of you know that song? I must admit, I am a huge Rolling Stones fan, and this is one of my favourite songs. I play it to disrupt our thinking. Our brains are not expecting to hear Sympathy for the Devil on a Sunday morning, especially in a church. And I want you to see and hear the world in a different way when you leave here.