The Rev. Stuart Mennigke

We live in an age now called liquid modernity (Zygmund Bauman’s thesis, 2000) where it is said that most of the things which were standards for living in our world just a couple of decades ago – are no longer the standards by which everything can be judged any longer.

The Rev. Dixie Black

I’ve just put myself on a diet. We’re all familiar with diets. This diet is a restriction on the amount of news or information that I allow into my awareness. I have noticed that when I check out Facebook or listen to or watch the newscasts I am disturbed deeply by fear and dread. There is also some very subtle smugness 1 that allows me to feel superior in some way.

The Rev. Dr. Richard Topping

The Presentation of the Lord – February 5, 2017 The Rev. Dr. Richard Topping Christ Church Cathedral, Vancouver Click here to download the audio mp3 of the sermon Richard Topping received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Religious Studies from University of Waterloo, a Master of Arts in Theology from St. Michael’s University in the […]

The Venerable Philippa Segrave-Pride

As a priest in the Church of England for the first 14 years of ministry I conducted over 400 funerals. As the established church, the fallback position for having a funeral service was the local crematorium chapel with the Church of England vicar. Whether or not the deceased was a member of any congregation, they had the right to a Church of England funeral service.

The Rev. Marnie Peterson

I volunteer at my son’s school on Friday mornings, I have since my daughter started there 10 years ago. I sit at the front door and I write down the names and divisions of the children who come in late, so that when the attendance comes in to the office, we can be sure to account for all of them. And it’s my job to call the homes of any children that are marked absent and who haven’t come in late, just to make sure we can account for them that way, so that we know that everyone is safe and where they should be.